I have been a techie ever since my father bought a BBC Micro Model B Microcomputer, back when I was 5 years old.  From the age of 10 I was writing software for it in BBC BASIC, and I then progressed onto an Acorn A5000 and then an IBM 386 SX Multimedia PC (with an impressive 4Mb of RAM and a Dual-Speed CD-ROM), which had a dual Operating System of DR DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.1.  In High school I was introduced to the Apple Mac (my passion was and still is Music Technology) and at University I was using both Macs and Windows PCs to record, sequence and synthesise music (my degree is a BMus (HONS) in Music, specialising in Music Technology).

The day after I graduated, I moved to Hong Kong where I trained as a Teacher and started teaching in High Schools, initially teaching English Language, English Literature and Geography. I stayed in Hong Kong for 6 years, and then decided to return to the UK. Teaching wasn’t ready to let me go, and I was working in an International Preparatory School teaching up to six different subjects per term! In order to maintain some semblance of sanity I then set up my own IT Support and IT Security company, and was self-employed as an IT Consultant (and a Locksmith). Upon completion of my Masters degree in Teaching Linguistics, MSc TESOL, I taught at a university in Saudi Arabia and then returned to the UK to study my City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Traditional Wooden Boatbuilding – I have had an interest in woodworking for many years. I then taught IT at College before starting my current career as a Broadband Field Engineer.

You may be wondering what the point of this blog is, and really it is quite simple. I have been trying to find a way to make money online, on and off, for 21 years now. I have tried many different methods from MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing), Affiliate Marketing, Stock Market trading, creating 3D models, spread betting, and even snail-mail marketing. To date, my success has not exactly been worth all the time, money and effort I put in to these ventures, but it has been a learning experience. This blog is not going to be my reminiscences though, as I am even more determined than ever to make an income stream online, so instead it will chart my progress as I embark on my latest endeavours to create a series of websites and online businesses, employing all the knowledge I have gained in the myriad of fields I have studied. I hope you will find it interesting and engaging, though I cannot provide a refund for your time if it is not helpful to you. Needless to say, everything contained in this blog is my own opinions, and does not reflect the opinions or views of anyone else nor any of the organisations, institutions or companies that I have had the pleasure to work for.

Thank you for reading all about me.

All the best