3D Models is the topic of this fourth part of the series.  I have been interested in 3D graphics ever since playing the computer game Elite, many moons ago.  I started getting into 3D modelling by simply modding some of the games I was playing.  Then I bought some 3D graphics packages and books on how to create 3D models.  In time, after learning the software, and playing around with it, I joined a community and started collecting models.  Then I took the plunge and started selling them myself.  For me, the hard part was not creating the models, but writing the sales pages.  Also, I noticed on this particular marketplace, that many of the best selling vendors were creating models and characters that I would describe as ‘pervy’ to say the least.  However, I was not able to sell on my preferred marketplace who required their vendors to have an established track-record before signing them up.

If my memory serves me correctly, I made around 120 sales, with each sale around $10-25.  However, the marketplace took 50% commission and they also had final say as to what would be published, and what would not.  There were a couple of reasons I stopped selling models – firstly, I started working abroad in a country that had strict internet censorship and this website was banned, but also when I returned to the UK, I became rather fed up of the marketplace employees, some of whom were quite rude and inconsiderate.  One of my biggest headaches was that I had to create the whole product, sales page, the full package, then submit it to the marketplace auditor for review.  They would then decide, based on your past performance and their own opinion, whether you would be allowed to publish the product or not.  A couple of my models were refused, one for lack of sales for the previous collection – it had sold 50 copies which apparently was not enough, and the other because the auditor didn’t understand what it was – reading my sales copy would have made it very clear!  At this point I decided to call it quits, as it was getting very frustrating.

There are several 3D model marketplaces still going, with a multitude of creators.  However, given the competition, the 50% commission and the low price points, I doubt too many people are making much money from this.  It can be very time consuming, and you will get very little assistance from the owner of the marketplace even though they are taking half of all your profits.  I still enjoy 3D models though, and had quite a lot of fun creating e-cards, posters and animations.  I used some in MMORPG (online games), which although unpaid, was very satisfying.

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