In the final part of this series, I shall tackle the behemoth that is Affiliate Marketing, also known as Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc, etc.  Affiliate Marketing is nothing new.  It has been around longer than the internet, probably longer than me as well!  Nowadays terms such as Funnels, DFY offers, Evergreen products are very common.  In the ‘good old days’ we didn’t bother with such terms – websites are a collection of web pages, your offer can be whatever you want it to be, and your products will either stand the test of time, or fail miserably.  We didn’t need all these hype terms that at the end of the day mean very little.  Almost every post in this series could be linked to Affiliate Marketing, depending on whom you bought the product/service from.  If you bought it directly from the person who created it, then it is not Affiliate Marketing; however, you may have purchased it from a 3rd party without even realising it!  Some Affiliate Marketing (AM) Pro’s make some very slick landing pages and some very tempting offers.

Of course, there are many that are not so Pro…

So, this article will briefly outline some of my own experiences, which will hopefully give you some useful tips and may even end up saving you an awful lot of time, money and hassle.

Let’s start with The Good:

There are some very Pro AM people out there.  I could name a handful, but as they are not paying me to promote them, I won’t!  I have bought around 100 products/services over the past 2 years (yikes!), and I can honestly say that about a handful of them I treasure.  Just like any professional piece of software that you can purchase from a regular software company, these vendors create some really useful products which are backed up with excellent customer service & support, and they are in it for the long haul.  I love these guys!

Moving on to The Bad:

Around 85% of the products/services I have bought over the past 2 years I would put in this category.  The product/service does not live up to the hype and hyperbole of the landing page, the customer service is slow or borderline rude, or it is just a cut-down feature-poor quick knock-off of another piece of software.  This is also where you find out just what the vendor means by a ‘Money Back Guarantee’.  Meaning, when you try and get your money back, you will find out just how easy/difficult the vendor wants to make your life…  Also, some vendors seem to make it a habit to quickly produce software, create hype around it, then a month or two later, move on to something completely different, without developing the previous product or supporting it and adding more features.

Then there’s The Ugly:

About 10% of my purchases over the past two years have been a terrible experience.  The most memorable ones include a Support Desk whose email address doesn’t even exist, a vendor who can’t create a Support Desk or Website log-in that works, a vendor whose idea of a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ involves a 20-email chain (and even then I had to resort to PayPal to step in), and I’ve even come across DFY (Done For You) packages that, after a minimal amount of research, include products that are well-known scams.  There are some very disreputable vendors out there who are willing to do almost anything to get you to part with your cash and will try their utmost not to give it back to you.

Overall, it seems to me that the AM marketplace is rife with low quality products/services that underdeliver.  The funnel has such a long sales pitch, it would consume the entire Amazon Rainforest if it were printed, the full retail price is 1,000% or more higher than today’s Get it NOW price (and see this countdown timer – it’s your life ticking away), and the number of bonuses can be extreme (I saw one product that had 80 bonuses!).  If a product needs 80 bonuses and still only costs around $40, I guess it must be worth less than $0.50 – it’s simple maths.

Who are the people getting rich from these products?  In many cases, not even the vendors – the marketplace is so competitive and the prices tend to be so low, that it can be quite difficult to make a living from it.  So, I guess it’s the marketplace itself that has the last laugh… The big 3 that I have used offer no customer support for the products they host, they offer no verification or validation of the products/vendors, and yet the commissions they earn per sale can be 50% or more.  Now that’s How to Make Money Online!

That’s all folks!  You’ve come to the end of the road, as far as this series is concerned.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some, perhaps all, of my posts.  If anything I have covered resonates with you, please leave a message in the comments section below.  As for my post next week… It will be the start of a new series…(Cue suspense music).  It will still be about Internet Marketing, and it will cover what I am currently doing, rather than my past experiences.  I hope you will stick around to enjoy it, but either way, live long and prosper!

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